Meagan Rodriguez is QRTR, a musician, DJ, and film composer flourishing within modern electronic music, recognized as a top rising indie artist. Building music of conceptual depth, the tonality of QRTR’s productions pull from various ethos: the entrancing and pulsating waves of house rhythms, psychedelic scopes of space and layering, and immersive worlds of sound that utilize her vast film and field recording library. QRTR can activate the biggest of stages and can also immerse the mind into a menagerie of unfolding styles cascading over one another. A singular artist in this generation that has released two monumental works within a 24-month window: 2020’s Drenched and 2021’s infina ad nausea. The live resume and presentation of QRTR’s music has become just as exemplary, making her presence known at prestigious festivals such as Coachella, HARD Summer, Electric Zoo, and Electric Forest, completing a full sold out tour opening for Luttrell, and performing at some of the most cutting edge underground shows around the globe. Most notable was her appearance at A2B2’s sold out Night of Fire festival at the Knockdown Center in New York, featuring QRTR alongside Arca, Eartheater, Andy Morin, Machinegirl, and Kero Kero Bonito. Millions of plays across streaming platforms worldwide and a dedicated fan base that’s expanded far outside of her East Coast roots, QRTR has become an undeniable force within modern electronic music.