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How It Works

Let’s get you on board as easy as possible. Before booking, you’ll want to know these two terms

CABIN LEAD = Responsible for room selection + managing additional members in their cabin. Responsible for payments.

CABIN MATE =  Must be added by a cabin lead when they pick their cabin. Responsible for their own payments. 


During the check out process you will be prompted to sign in (or create) a Rezmagic account. If you’ve traveled with Friendship previously you may already have an account. You can recover forgotten login credentialsby following prompts given on our BOOK NOW page. If you or your traveling companion needs a Rezmagic account you can send them an invite to create one while booking.


During booking you will select your desired stateroom type along with number of mates. Check out the Cabin Pricing Page for all pricing information. You will then choose your stateroom, so also check out the Norwegian Joy’s Deck Plan.


If you are a CABIN LEAD you will most likely be adding Mates to your cabin. To do so, simply add their NAME, EMAIL, and Date Of Birth to your booking, and Rezmagic will automatically send them an invite to join you.

If you sailed on a prior Friendship event and are sailing with the same traveling companions, they’ll be in a dropdown list for you to add to your stateroom.

If you’re sailing with someone who has a Rezmagic account but has NOT sailed with you previously, have them sign in to their Rezmagic profile and follow steps from there. In most cases you just need the email that is attached to their account. 

NAME YOUR MATES – Strongly encouraged at time of booking. 

You can add your traveling companions later but fees may apply. You are obligated for the full cruise fare of the occupancy level you select during the reservation process even if you do not add guests to fill your entire stateroom. If you wish to add Mates beyond the capacity of the occupancy level you select during the reservation process you may do so based on availability and for the additional cruise fare associated with the transaction.


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted. Each person may sign up for their own payment plan for their portion of the room. If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need each person to input their credit card numbers (with expiration date and card verification number) as well as the name and billing address for each card.

Your ticket includes: Your Cabin + standard cabin amenities listed on the Cabins Page, all-inclusive food options, all music events, and more!

Payment Options

This year we have created two payment plan options to make shipping with us easier than ever for all of our Friends.

Option 1 – We have partnered with Uplift to bring you a personalized payment plan option. Uplift will perform a soft credit check, and provide you with various payment options to choose  from. This is our best payment plan option.

Option 2 – The usual monthly payment system within Rezmagic that we are all used to. Payments will be taken out on either the 1st or 15th of each month until January, but you may pay your cabin off sooner on your rezmagic account.

Option 3 – You may pay in full upon selecting or joining your cabin.


  1. Create your Rezmagic account HERE
  2. Have your cabin lead add you to their cabin
  3. Input payment info.
  4. Prepare yourself. IT’S ON!
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