Will token purchase & room selection dates be separate, like previously?

Yes. It all starts with the Loyalty Pre-Book. Securing your token now locks in your place in line for Loyalty Room Selection in early June. As always, line priority will be given to those who have shipped before! 2x Shippers first, 1x shippers next!

Will we put down a single $250 deposit to get a token that is good for one cabin?

Yes. Cabin Lead tokens can be applied to any cabin size. For the first time on FriendShip, Cabin Mates will also have the opportunity to purchase tokens during pre-book, and can apply them when joining a Cabin Lead in a selected room. This is to ensure our Ship Family all have the best opportunity to join The Reunion!

What if I’ve never Shipped with FriendShip but want to join the family?

Sign up HERE to be the first in line to make new Friends! All remaining cabins (if any) will be released after Loyalty Room Selection for the General On-Sale in early June!

What room configurations are available?

Double, Triple, Quad, and 6 person Suites will be available during Loyalty Room Selection.

What is the price range for Cabins?

Cabins will range from $799 – $2199 per person + taxes & fees.

Will there be a Cabin payment plan option? When will the next payment be due?

The next payment is due during Loyalty Room Selection in early June. At this time you can pay in full or choose one of the payment plan options. Exact payment plan details will be released closer to Loyalty Room Selection!

When will ship information be released?

Ship Info will be released soon soon before Loyalty Room Selection in early June!

* When you “Pre-Book” your cabin to reserve your spot in line the $250 will become your cabin deposit during Loyalty Room Selection. However, if you choose to cancel your spot in line before Loyalty Room Selection, then $50 USD of your initial deposit of $250 USD will be retained as an Administration Fee.