How It Works

Since we are sold out, the Cabin Selection process will be as follows. Cabin Leads select their cabin. Once this is done, the lead can add 1, 2, 3 or 4 mates (depending on cabin size). Each mate can be responsible for their own payment or the lead may assume responsibility.

Cabins are selected on a first come first serve basis with scheduled booking times based on when the individual Cabin Lead token was pre-booked.

Packages will include: Cabin + standard cabin amenities listed on the Cabins Page, all-inclusive food options, all music events, and more!

CABIN LEAD = Responsible for room selection + managing additional members in their cabin. Responsible for payments.

CABIN MATE =  Must be added by a cabin lead. Responsible for their own payments. NOT ELIGIBLE for cabin selection.

Payment Options

This year we have created two payment plan options to make shipping with us easier than ever for all of our Friends.

Option 1 – We have partnered with Uplift to bring you a personalized payment plan option. Uplift will perform a soft credit check, and provide you with various payment options to choose  from. This is our best payment plan option.

Option 2 – The usual monthly payment system within Rezmagic that we are all used to. Payments will be taken out on either the 1st or 15th of each month until January, but you may pay your cabin off sooner on your rezmagic account.

Option 3 – You may pay in full upon selecting or joining your cabin.


  1. Create your Rezmagic account HERE
  2. Have your cabin lead add you to their cabin
  3. Input payment info.
  4. Prepare yourself. IT’S ON!