josh pan is a DJ, producer, singer, and writer hailing from New York City. His evolving style features eclectic sounds, moody undertones and constant experimentation with production techniques and musical craftsmanship. josh’s music is far from categorical, as his background stems from digital production, composing, songwriting and vocal work. His breakout hits, including “nowhere”, “the zoo”, "platinum" and “give it to ya ft. abra”, have racked over 3 million streams and have received support and words of praise from Skrillex, 88 Rising and many other artists and entities over the years. Having been signed to OWSLA since 2015, he's played countless festivals including Shambhala, HARD Summer, Holy Ship!, BUKU and more. His touring history also includes bus tours with Getter, Ekali, Medasin and Y2K and a co-headline tour with graves during the summer of 2017. Focusing on studio time for the majority of the year, josh's philosophical posts and online presence have always drawn a diverse crowd of music lovers. His artistry has always allowed him to thrive in multiple worlds. Excelling in creative design and strategy, his multidisciplinary approach to art has made him one of the most respected artists in the industry. While he is known for his electronic productions, his listeners and peers have started to see him shine as a vocalist in recent days. Always expect the unexpected with josh, as he continues to manifest his vision through art, music and storytelling.

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